We at NAZEEMAH ENGINEERING LTD have a reputation for
high quality service delivery and innovative solutions that are
distinctive and memorable in the oil and gas sector..
Our industry experience has helped positioned us as the one-stop
solution to major oil and gas needs.


NAZEEMAH ENGINEERING LTD has a reputation for high
quality project design with innovative solutions that are
distinctive and memorable. Our project design services
encompass every stage of a project, from an initial feasibility
study right through to post-project facilities management.
We place considerable emphasis on attention to detail in the
early stages as experience shows that this results in fewer
changes during construction and a faster and more cost
effective design.
Our services includes the design of systems for vertical
transportation, control of temperature and humidity,
forced/natural ventilation, artificial lighting, sanitation, fire
control, electric distribution, security, recreation and building


Our team of seasoned professionals utilise the most recent
technology in the delivery of dreams into reality. We bring a
respect for tradition, appreciation to detail, and collaborative
client relationship to every project we undertake regardless of
scale or type. Our recent projects include custom-designed
residences as well as public sector projects. We develop
working construction drawings that best represent our
client’s needs and budget. Our diverse team of architects
bring their wealth of experience to every project.


We strive to add real value to our clients through a blend of
professional civil and structural engineering skills
underpinned by a strong commitment to excellent customer
Our civil and structural engineering expertise is represented
by a comprehensive service portfolio which includes the
investigation of the properties and mechanics of construction
materials, the mechanics of structures and soils as well as
hydraulics and fluid mechanics. This far reaching range of
experience allows us to provide expert independent advice on
everything from construction and geotechnical engineering
projects to hydraulic, coastal and ocean engineering.

Soil test report and technical site survey(TSS) can be

  • Production of site drawings, both preliminary designs and As-built design drawings
  • Piles and pile caps design calculations
  • Compilation of design and drawing documents for companies
  • Filing and documentation of documents
  • Integrity Test such as Pile integrity test(PIT), Schmidt hammer test, Ultra sonic test etc.
  • Sites built
  • Building construction, Roads ,borehole construction and culverts etc.


NAZEEMAH ENGINEERING LTD mechanical engineering services
include a broad spectrum of activities relating to machinery,
mechanisms, materials, hydraulics and pneumatics, heat (as
applied to engines), work and energy, heating, ventilating and
air-conditioning. Our technical know-how and capabilities in
full project implementation are well proven and we can
provide a full service for plant machinery from design and
installation to long-term operation and maintenance

Also we can provide a full service for a whole building from design and installation of services


We are capable of design, installation, application and
maintenance of systems and devices that use electric power
and signals. Our electrical engineering department designs
and operates systems for generating, transmitting and
distributing electric power. This is in addition to the real-time
control of power generation, transmission, distribution and
the application of computer control systems to optimize the
efficiency of power generation and distribution in real-time.

Also we can provide a full service for a whole building from
design and installation of services.


NAZEEMAH ENGINEERING LTD has developed an efficient
materials handling and delivery system to ensure quality
service to our clientele; our strategic partnership with
equipment Manufacturers and leading global buying houses
guarantees the quality of our services in:
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Materials Management
  • Materials Logistics
  • Materials Procurement and Stockists
  • Warehousing
In recognition of the need for organizations like yours to focus
on your core business, we have carefully studied the industry
and developed the following to ensure timely delivery
products and services to the most remote part of your

Procurement and Logistics

We understand the need for prompt
materials and equipment delivery in project time cycle, hence our
crop of project practitioners is on hand to provide adequate logistics
support to guarantee that all materials ordered from us meet your
quality and schedule expectations. This ability is further enhanced
 Materials Management: This solution is a secure and comprehensive
material management system which allows us monitor detailed
purchase orders, material receipt and shipment information;submit,
amend, view and delete material requisition; perform various search
functions and produce various reports. This solution can be a stand
alone, networked or internet based. With this we can monitor
materials requisition stock level at any point.

Materials Procurement and Stockists

we can provide cutting edge procurement initiatives that can
fast track projects of varying sizes.
We are currently developing a stock top class oil/industrial
tools/equipment, safety equipment etc. These will be stored
mostly in our warehouses in Lagos and Niger Delta region for
easy and prompt delivery to your project location(s). For
items that we cannot store we will work with our international
affiliates and reliable shipping/forwarding agent (SDV,
Murphy, TGP etc) to ensure timely delivery.